General Examination Cameras

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We are pleased to offer exciting new General Examination Cameras designed to facilitate remote patient examinations in a variety of telemedicine settings. The Firefly DE605 and the Riester RCS-100 replace our previous ExamCam models and we are excited to be able to offer them at very competitive prices.

Firefly DE605

Manufactured by Firefly and sold by MobilDrTech, the Firefly DE605 is an excellent example of adding value to existing technologies to make more useable and affordable products and tools for medicine and business.

The Firefly DE605 is a significant new entry of a high quality, hand held, examination camera suitable for telemedicine. Not only is the streamed output from the patient site Quad HD video (2592 X 1944 pixels) with a manual thumb controlled focus ring for crystal clear image capture.

The Firefly DE605 is a simple, easy to use, plug-and-play USB device that has many of the features of far more expensive cameras.

Free software is available in a free download to make video clip recordings and snap pictures for those who need it. However, the Firefly DE605 works great using it standalone as a plug-and-play device with your video conference platform.

Riester RCS-100

The Riester RCS 100 is a portable, versatile digital diagnostic camera. Featuring multiple lens attachments, enabling instant sharing across your practice and across the world.

The Riester RCS-100 is a multi-functional medical camera system that allows you to quickly and efficiently capture and share images to improve communication, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

8MP true HD camera provides high resolution images to easily share

Live video modes allow for remote, interactive diagnosis and treatment

Improve quality of care in urban/rural/remote areas by connecting health care professionals in the US and around the world

Large 5” touchscreen with intuitive interface for easy image capture and management

Ergonomic, one hand design with easy to use rotary wheel LI-Ion battery offers 3.5 hours of operating time in video mode