1. If I place an order, how long will it take to receive the equipment?
Once your order and payment are received, your shipment will be processed within 24-48 hours and usually shipped via Fedex Express 2-day delivery, so you should be able to order and receive your stethoscope products within a maximum of 3-5 business days. If you need it sooner than that, we can arrange FedEx overnight delivery for an additional charge.

2. Do I need to be technically oriented to use the camera?
Not at all. You simply plug the camera into a USB port on your computer and then select the USB ExamCam as the main camera in your video conference program settings. Once you are through with the USB ExamCam 2.0,  you can switch back to the camera being used for the video conference.

3. Can the camera be used with my video conference software without having to shut it down or break the connections?
Yes, the camera is plug-and-play, so you can just plug it in and select it in your video conference settings.

4. Do I have to have a plug in light source to use with the USB ExamCam?
No, LED lighting is built into the camera and comes on automatically when plugged into the USB port. If you have adequate ambient light and do not wish to use the LED lighting, you can simply unplug the USB connector for the light from the 2-port connector that attaches to the computer.

5. Can this be used in home health and remote monitoring programs?
This is one of the fastest growing use areas for the telemedicine cameras as hospitals and healthcare providers push care into the home, SNFs and assisted living facilities to reduce readmissions in the post-discharge settings.

6. Does the camera have a still shot feature or recording function?
The camera provides live video only, however, there is no-cost software available that will provide still shot and recorded video clip functions. Information on the software is included in the shipping package with each camera.

7. What about HIPAA concerns?
HIPAA guidelines are fully met from the technology side. All data transmitted is done so using the encryption scheme of the video conference platform and no data is ever transmitted, stored or accessed on the device or vendor servers. Accordingly, patient data is as secure as the telemedicine video platform being used and can only be recorded/stored by the physician using the system, who in the end, is responsible for the patient’s medical data set.

8. What is the cost of the USB ExamCam 2.0 and do you provide a warranty?
MSRP pricing for the USB ExamCam is $275 per unit with free shipping plus taxes where applicable. The introductory selling price in 2019 is $249. The USB ExamCam 2.0 hardware is warranted for one year should it fail during normal use. In that case you would be shipped a replacement upon return of the defective unit.

9. I’m not sure exactly what I need as we are just starting our telemedicine program. Is there someone who can advise me on what I need for my use case and answer my questions before I purchase?
Absolutely, this is something we do very frequently. Just call our office number at the top of this page and one of our sales engineers will get back with you to provide the assistance you need.

10. Do you provide free trial evaluations for the USB ExamCam so we can see how it will work in our program?
We don’t offer trial evaluations since the product is plug and play and is backed by a full replacement warranty in the event a defective unit is received. If you want to assess the image quality of the camera, we will be happy to arrange an online demonstration where you will be able to see how the camera works and the video quality. Just give us a call at the number at the top of the page.

11. I am conducting telemedicine programs outside the United States and would like to add the USB ExamCam to my program. Are your cameras available for sale outside of the US?
We sell and ship primarily to customers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom  Shipment to other countries will be considered on a case by case basis after review of import/export regulations for the specific country. Shipping charges will vary depending upon shipping location. Please contact us with any specific requests.

12. What is the best approach for integrating telemedicine into an EHR?
Many organizations struggle to integrate telemedicine into an EHR. For a sensible approach, review this whitepaper about Integrating Telemedicine into EHRs for more information.