Light Weight – Handle Grip Design for One Hand Operation

Circular LED Lighting Ring for Optimal Video Quality

Tongue Depressor Attachment – “Say Ahh” Rubber Band to Fit on Light Ring

Ring on Handle Base to Hang on Hook for Easy Access

Designed Also for Hanging on Carts


LED Light Built In – No External Light Source Required

Powered through Computer USB Port – No  Batteries or External Power Source


High Definition Camera – Full 1080p HD, Glass Lens – Razor Sharp Images

LED Lighting – Comes on When Camera is Plugged Into USB Port

Flexible Autofocus – Use from Very Close to Across Room

Plug and Play – Use with Desktops, Laptops or Telemedicine Examination Stations

USB Connection to PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Devices with USB 2.0, 3.0 Input Port

9 Foot Extension Cable Ships with Camera for Easy Patient Access in Clinic Setting


Downloadable, No-Cost, Optional Software:

Digital Zoom


Auto Audio Adjustment

Auto Lighting Correction

Gain, Exposure, Brightness and White Balance Controls

Photo Snapshot

Video Clip Recording

Video Recording with Voice Annotation for Second Opinions

Install on Win / Mac / IOS / Android / Chrome Platforms

Browser Accessible App with Camera Controls and Live Viewing also Available at No Charge


One year full replacement warranty for defective products.



High Quality (HD) Live Video through Video Conference Platform

Built-In LED Light

Real Time Patient Examinations

Software for Store and Forward Recording Available

General Exam Camera with Optional Otoscope Attachment

Simple to Use – No Training Required

Affordable for all Telemedicine Operations – No Recurring Fees

Assembled in USA


General Examination Camera

-Excellent Video Quality

-Low Price Point
-Simple To Use
-No Training Required