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MobilDrTech Partners with BodiMetrics to Bring RPM Home

MobilDrTech partners with vitals device maker BodiMetrics™ to market FDA 510k approved VitalsRx Monitor with spot vitals and continuous ECG and SpO2 monitoring.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, June 13, 2019 / — Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) are two rapidly growing areas of medicine. In early 2018, CMS “unbundled” the CPT code for Remote Patient Care, 99091. This separated qualifying services from existing telehealth and telemedicine reimbursement guidelines. This has opened the door for healthcare providers to be reimbursed for some RPM services including data collection and care coordination for patients, including those at home.

MobilDrTech, Inc. and BodiMetrics™ announce a strategic partnership to market professional and consumer grade collection and analysis of health vitals with pocket-sized devices to improve management of chronic conditions, enhance quality of fitness and wellness programs and optimize clinical trials and research.

VitalsRx Features and Metrics

  • 20 Second ECG Waveform
  • Continuous ECG to 24 Hrs – 24 Hour Holter Monitoring
  • 20 Second SpO2 Capture
  • Continuous SpO2 to 15 Hrs – Overnight Screening for Sleep Apnea
  • Heart Rate & Variability
  • 3 Second Thermometer
  • Stress Relief Bio-Feedback
  • Pedometer Steps
  • Medication Reminders – Ideal for Pharmaceutical Research Projects

BodiMetrics™ Cloud is a powerful system that provides patients and clinicians secure and easy connections. Data can flow from one person to another seamlessly and freely under authorization. Both patients and clinicians benefit from the availability of data.

  • Data can be synced to cloud automatically
  • Data can be shared with clinician automatically
  • Data can be stored in cloud over long term for health tracking
  • Data is encrypted to protect user privacy

Capture Spot Vitals and Continuous ECG / SpO2


Connect Via Bluetooth to IOS or Android Devices with Free App


VitalsRx Monitor and Included Accessories

About BodiMetrics

BodiMetrics is dedicated to empowering consumers with products, services and solutions that will allow them to take charge of their healthcare, lower overall cost and improve their well-being. Products are tested by independent third party labs to clinical standards as well, where indicated, approved by the FDA.

About MobilDrTech

MobilDrTech, Inc. is a full-service telemedicine systems and equipment provider. Founded in 2009 and based in Sugar Land, TX, MobilDrTech provides telemedicine services such as HIPAA compliant video conference platforms and functions as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for telemedicine equipment manufacturers including leading manufacturers of telemedicine stethoscopes, otoscopes, dermascopes, general examination cameras, telemedicine carts and vitals monitoring devices.

MobilDrTech Releases White Paper on “Telemedicine Stethoscopes”

MobilDrTech, Inc. releases a white paper titled “Telemedicine Stethoscopes” that identifies and compares the most commonly used real time telemedicine stethoscopes in the U.S. market.

Sugar Land, TX, January 8, 2019—(PR.Com)—// Telehealth, Telemedicine, Stethoscopes, Healthcare, Industry News, Market News, Press Releases, Products and Services

MobilDrTech, a respected vendor of telemedicine equipment and diagnostic devices ( has released a white paper identifying and comparing design, features and cost of today’s most frequently utilized telemedicine stethoscopes.

Many healthcare providers are rapidly adding remote auscultation to their telehealth and telemedicine programs. This white paper is provided as a free resource to assist them in their product research and selection process.

The white paper explores the evolution of stethoscopes used specifically for telemedicine encounters. The history of telemedicine stethoscopes can be traced back almost 25 years to a stethoscope with an analog output that worked directly with normal telephone lines. From that point until today, development of newer and better hardware and software has continued unabated.

Three charts summarizing the features and cost comparisons from the document can be downloaded here:

Full text of the white paper can be downloaded here:

MobilDrTech Announces Opening of Online Store with Posted Pricing and Popular Telemedicine Equipment

April 20, 2017 – MobilDrTech is pleased to announce the launch of an online store offering proven, mainstream telemedicine products that work well together at fixed, reasonable prices.

Are you starting your first telemedicine clinic, opening an additional one or just adding devices to your existing program?

MobilDrTech has put together an excellent set of products and, unlike larger telemedicine resellers, does not try to sell everything that anyone could possibly need. Neither do we limit our product line to a single manufacturer or try to lock you into certain product lines. We provide the best mainstream telemedicine products we have found and used successfully with our customers in a wide range of telemedicine settings.

In the Online Store, MobilDrTech offers:

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conference Platforms

  • Otoscopes

  • Stethoscopes

  • General Examination Cameras

  • Mobile Telemedicine Carts

  • Portable Integrated Cases

  • Do It Yourself Telemedicine Kits

  • Accessories

“Our goal is to operate a store that offers providers what they really need quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost. If we do that, we will be very successful.” says Robert Jenkins, Director of Customer Services for MobilDrTech.

MobilDrTech will be featuring the website at Booth 2040 at the American Telemedicine Association conference in Orlando April 23 – 26. Please stop by for more information or check us out online at .

About MobilDrTech:

MobilDrTech, Inc. is a full-service telemedicine equipment and software provider based in Sugar Land, TX. The company provides HIPAA compliant video conference platforms and is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for leading manufacturers of telemedicine stethoscopes, otoscopes, dermatoscopes, general examination cameras and fully integrated telemedicine carts, cases and DIY Kits.