MobilDrTech, Inc. is a full service telemedicine systems and equipment provider.  Founded in 2009 and based in Sugar Houston, TX, MobilDrTech provides telemedicine services such as HIPAA compliant video conference platforms and functions as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for telemedicine equipment manufacturers including leading manufacturers of telemedicine stethoscopes, otoscopes, dermscopes and fully integrated telemedicine carts and portable cases. Company personnel have successfully developed and implemented remote patient management projects for 20 years and continue to innovate creative telehealth technology solutions for clinical challenges in the U.S. and international markets.

This website is dedicated to a new telemedicine tool designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by MobilDrTech. The MobilDrTech USB ExamCam 2.0 is a simple, easy to use, plug-and-play USB device that has many of the features of far more expensive cameras. The USB ExamCam 2.0 replaces our previous model general examination camera. We have changed the form factor, provided better lighting and now have an even lower price point.

The USB ExamCam2.0 further enhances remote diagnostic capabilities in the telehealth/telemedicine industry by providing an everyday tool that has previously been deemed out of reach for many programs due to cost or technology platform barriers.